Introducing Jyotisha, the Astrology of The Veda

Massimo Izzo  

In indian hindi culture, astrology is considered such an important knowledge that starting from 2001 is even teached in several universities. But we don’t have to consider Vedic Astrology as an élite knowledge because is commonly used by people for their daily tasks and decisions. Hindi astrology is also currently called “Vedic astrology”, even if there’s still a debate about whether or not the practice of making horoscopes comes from vedic times or later. The increase of interest in astrological disciplines by the western cultures brought a growing number of western astrologers into the study of Hindu astrology in the last twenty years. One day an exotic discipline, Vedic Astrology is today always more popular: in our presentation we shall go to introduce the most important astronomical and astrological concepts at her base. One thing that soon strike an individual used to western astrology is the requirement of many calculations and different charts that can be built to make a complete personal horoscope. So, is a good idea to get some preliminary knowledge of the system before attending any professional Vedic astrologer. We will try in our presentation to prepare yourself for such a peculiar reading. Although astrology is not a religion, the link of Vedic Astrology with the many deities of the Hindi religious pantheon can be puzzling for the western mind. In order to compensate that, we will briefly mention the many statistical french studies of the nineteens about sideral astrology, starting with the famous psychologist and statistic Michel Gauquelin.