Mushrooms: Biology, Ecology and Cultivation Principles

Riccardo Melandri e Francesco Lenzi

A dive into the mysterious world of mushrooms, from historic religious use to today’s crops.

We will cover the simplest techniques in detail in order to cultivate and see these wonderful and very useful friends grow with your own eyes. We will explore also: the role of mushrooms in nature, mushroom breakdown and identification of cultivable species, natural farming: creating mico-landscapes, substrate formulation materials, notes on the life cycle of mushrooms, the six carriers of the contamination, create mycelium crops in Agar, grow mycelium in the grains, cultivate mycelium in sawdust and / or wood chips and identify suitable woods, cultivate the mushrooms in enriched woody substrates, cultivating mushrooms on agricultural wastes, containers suitable for mushroom cultivation and collect, preserve and package the mushrooms.