Alchimia Verde: iLifeSOMM

Katia Saro

Alchimia Verde work with vibrational medicine so we armonize the body and soul of people trow musicoterapy, electromagnetic fields and meccanical vibration. the system to get this balance is ILIFESOMM. Eight recognised forms of therapy, ranging from music and relaxation therapy, to note, tonal and vibration therapy and on to magnetic resonance therapy and  micro-massage have been combined in a single wellness system, the iLifeSOMM.

A pioneering achievement of Sensory Oscillating Multi-Modulation is the mutual harmonisation of seven different forms of vibration therapy so precisely that no interferences develop that would lead to opposing effects or even to effects that cancel one another out.

-Music, notes, tone, sound, vibration, magnetic resonance, light, far infrared heat radiation = vibration = energy, of which each

-individual requires a sufficient amount

-Panta rhei = everything flows (Heraclitus) – the energy available must flow freely and may not be blocked

-All life is rhythm – the energy must be correctly distributed and in balance in the body

-The human individual is far more than a machine

-Every human individual is a small universe (human micro-cosmos)

-This small universe corresponds to the large universe (macro-cosmos) and vice versa

-Micro-cosmos and macro-cosmos affect one another

-Interaction between internal (consciousness) and external (material) states (matter, body, mind, spirit and causal mind)

-Everything is vibration (modern physics)

-A holistic view of physics, chemistry, biology, medicine, psychology, theology, astrology and mysticism

In this approach we are in accord with a view of humanity that stretches back thousands of years.