Biodynamic Osteopathy

Luca Ginevri

The session of biodynamic osteopathy, connects the whole body of the person, seeks the fulcrums the emotional, muscular, structural blocks and softens and relaxes the system by stimulating self-healing. It creates a very delicate relationship with the inner child, recreating the sensation of the embryo in the fluid. The fluidity and the lightness of the movements create in the person a state of well-being, lowering the electric charge and stimulating the part of acuqa that makes us part of the nature system. Always in compliance with the laws that complete the universe.

Luca Ginevri has worked as osteopath in hospital for three years with children and adults. He is responsible for the projects in Tanzania of osteopathy in pregnancy. He obtained a bachelor’s degree in HvLa in London, and an osteopath diploma in Brussels.