Roda de Rapè // Rapè Circle

Tomá Atxondo

Rapè is a sacred medicine from the amazon jungle, that is used for spiritual and body purification and grounding.

Ronon Metsa (Tomà Atxondo) is a healer and Medicine Man, he started in South America with the age of 15 to explore the spiritual Dimensions and to discover his healing path as a mission on this world. He spent 13 years travelling and learning in that side of the planet, especially in Brazil and Colombia where he mostly dedicated himself to Bio agriculture and Permaculture. The strong connection with the indigenous Tribes started to grow in Mexico where he came across the Master Plant’s world getting immediately the calling from the Amazon.

With full trust in the Great Spirit, Ronon arrived to Perú in 2007 where he devoted the last seven years of his life learning about sacred and master plants working with the Shipibo-Conibo tribe.

In the last years he is travelling around the world sharing this ancient knowledge with who is ready to embrace it, looking for spiritual growth and healing.

Ronon continues developing and evolving his own method and format together with the sacred tradition of meditation from Asia.

In 2014 he became Deeksha giver of Oneness University (India) and in the same year he founded the Okametsarawa, Healing & Applied Permaculture Centre in the Amazon jungle.