The Ancient Art of Bellydance

Irene Tribal Shakti

The ancient art of Bellydance is based on natural, organic movement that can be recognised as being present at the roots of all creation. Circles, spirals, infinity symbols are all among the shapes that can be witnessed at root of creation, commonly known as Sacred Geometry.

Irene is a passionate dancer, world traveler, sacred space provider and intuitive light worker. She believes that dance has the ability to heal our souls. Releasing, expressing, transforming emotions, It unlocks euphoric states and connect you to pure heart energy. Irene is a guide, she assists you to explore your physical body as well as to reconnect to the higher-self within you. She teaches Tribal Fusion Bellydance and she’s a certified Kundalini yoga instructor plus ThetaHealing practitioner. Irene holds regular classes, workshops and sacred Cacao ceremonies all around the world.